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Universe, Life, Mind

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I happen to live in Southern California, in a small city by the name of Whittier.

I love science, technology, culture, video games, art, food, cars, Autumn, rain, history, philosophy, video games, nature, the night, la luna, colors, cats, exploring, adventure, video games, computers, humor, music, cats, conversation, romance... video games... and the list would go on and on and on and on... there's almost no end to the wonders you can and will discover.

I also support and occasionally talk/blog about feminism, social and political justice, police abuse, lgbtq+ issues, government corruption, climate change, discrimination, etc.

Do not be afraid to talk to me. I have a kik, Skype, AIM, MSN, and I'm available on PSN and Steam. Just... get to know me a bit before asking for them.

Time to brave the far, deep shores of dreamland…

'Ar! Set sail an' onto new adventures, mateys! 'Tis a good night fr' dreamin'

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